2 Year Olds - Just for Me Two
Monday and/or Friday Mornings 9:00 - 11:00
2 years old by September 1st

Our Just for Me Two program is a 2-day a week program for children age 2 (by September 1st) to attend class independently or accompanied by a parent. Parent participation is entirely optional—parents are welcomed, but not required, to participate in part or all of the class one or both days each week. Families have the following options to support their various needs for their two year old:

Children can be registered for our Monday class, Friday class or for both Monday and Friday classes.

The Just for Me Two program is designed to support an early learner through the use of predictable routines and age appropriate materials. This class has a high focus on the social and emotional development of the child. Focus for this class is in the area of socialization, exploration and independence!

Our Just for Me Two program exceeds the DCFS (the Department of Children and Family Services) adult to child ratio of 1:8 by providing two certified Early Childhood teachers each day for a maximum of 15 children (1:7 ratio).

For snack, parents are scheduled to provide a fruit and a drink for all students on a rotating basis, HCP provides the dry goods. Parents are invited to help their child make a smooth start to each day. They may guide their child through steps to hang their belongings, wash hands, and select learning materials. Many parents establish a routine to help make the transition smooth and predictable for their child (for example, choose and read a story together or participate in an art project before parting).

All classroom cabinets, tables, and seating are child sized and labeled/designed to encourage independence. The teachers plan an interactive curriculum and prepare the classroom to support natural curiosity, exploration and investigation. In this environment, children are able to freely move about and self-select materials that capture their interest. For instance, art activities are open-ended and process based in which children explore a variety of materials such as paint, brushes, glue, and play dough. They will create their own artistic expression rather than replicating a teacher model. The teachers facilitate interactions among peers and meet each child’s needs with regard to their individual learning stage.

The classroom is organized to incorporate all developmental domains of learning. Fine motor, language development, cognition (pre-reading and pre-math), self-help and social-emotional skills are practiced in each area of the room.

Children may choose from some of the following play-based learning centers:

At the end of the free-exploration time, children and staff work together to clean-up and replace materials in their assigned places.

A brief circle time is part of the daily routine (building in length as the group becomes familiar with the routine and materials). This is a time for the group to enjoy songs, finger plays, flannel board stories, instruments and literacy. The teachers introduce this structured time and guide the students to have success and participate at their own comfort and developmental level. Gross motor/outdoor play is also an essential element in the Just for Me Two curriculum and is provided daily as weather permits.

Music is incorporated in all of our circle time activities on a daily basis. Twice a month a music teacher comes into class to teach Musikgarten/Music Keys Program on Fridays.

Peek at a typical day:

If you are interested in attending our Just for Me Two program, would like to visit a class, or would like additional information, please feel free to contact the school and we will be happy to speak with you.